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string conf.author = u’Raphael Dürscheid, based on Template by Dr. Peter’
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string conf.release = u‘0.0.’
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file requirements.txt
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page md__home_docs_checkouts_readthedocs.org_user_builds_roboy-audio_checkouts_doxy_setup_README

What is it?

This repository contains the audio related skills for the humanoid robot Roboy (roboy.org).

How does it work?

It procecess the microphone data from Matrix Creator (www.matrix.one) in two different ways. It wether reads the data directly out of the board related FPGA and processes it. Or it streams the data onto a ROS topic, from which on other modules can submit to this topic and process it further.

Most of the things (direct processing, streaming) run in C++. But there is also a template for receiving the stream in Python.

How to run it?

Will be defined in the future.

How to extend it?

Write cool stuff and add it to the repo.